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About CQ

Caterina Quartana Textile Designer

Originally from Sardinia, she grew up with a love for art and textile design.

Her experience as a textile designer began in 2003 when she began studying culture and fashion stylism in Florence, a path that allows her to mature her own unmistakable style.

Based on the principles of design and craftsmanship, her aesthetic is sophisticated and unique, but it is not limited to a single expression. From painting to weaving with manual looms, her fabrics evoke ancient traditional techniques, following an innovative reworking through the weft.

She is able to convey her passion on different collections, from home furnishing creations to fashion accessories and baby kits. Her fabrics speak of art, technique and originality.
Source of inspiration is her land itself, her culture full of stories and folk tales combined with all the travels around the world that have influenced the designer’s style, making it more and more defined.

The designer dedicates herself to “tailor-made” for the desire to experiment and carry out new projects.

CQ Services

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Textile Design
Study, design and production of customized fabrics and furnishings
cq su misura
The line of furnishing accessories to dress the house with an unmistakable style.
The precious fashion accessories for him and her, handmade with precious silks, cashmere and decorations.
Caterina Quartana Textile Designer Cq Store Cagliari
Precious fabrics for precious children, with its line of accessories for babies and children
Caterina Quartana Textile Designer Cq Store CagliariCaterina Quartana Textile Designer Cq Store Cagliari
Art that is told along a thread, between canvases, paintings and fabrics.
Caterina Quartana Textile Designer
For the most demanding, tailored for the home and for fashion accessories, where creativity has no limits